Luncheon Details & Schedule

Bring your friends and join us in the Spring and Fall for our popular twice-weekly luncheon series. Gourmet meals are prepared and served by members of The Woman’s Exchange under a large tented area in the garden. After enjoying a leisurely lunch, browse our expanded shopping areas. Among the exclusive products is “The Woman’s Exchange Entertains,” Volume Four of its members’ and friends’ special recipes, many highlighting local flavors and traditions.
Our luncheon series began in the late 1940s when the city’s hotels and tourist homes reopened after World War II to winter visitors. The gourmet meals, made by Woman’s Exchange members from their own recipes, were served buffet style on steam tables. Patrons then carried their plates to assigned tables covered by colorful garden umbrellas. After lunch, they shopped in the Woman’s Exchange Gift Shop.

Today, there are two series of twice-weekly luncheons for three weeks in the Fall and three weeks in the Spring. All of our members are state-certified food handlers. Just as members before them, they take care of all the preparations − menu planning, cooking, set up, serving and clean-up. Many of the recipes are shared in our Woman’s Exchange cookbook, which is for sale in our gift shop!

The luncheons include a full meal with dessert, coffee or tea, plus a $5 gift certificate on a $10 minimum purchase when you shop the day of the luncheon.In the Fall, shopping spills over from the shop into Christmas in October, where holiday gifts are shown in the expanded Peña-Peck House dining room, visitors orientation center, and the old kitchen. Likewise, in the Spring, the expanded shop, called Miss Anna’s Boutique, features Spring and Summer merchandise.In addition to showcasing the beautiful hand-crafted items made by our consignors, we start searching for unusual and unique items at gift mart. We find that many of our guests plan their shopping, particularly for the holidays, around our annual sales.

Spring 2021 Luncheon Series has been cancelled, but please sign up for notifications to find out if and when dates, menu, and details for the Fall 2021 Luncheon Series are available.

Spring 2020 Luncheon Series Dates

March 17, Tuesday
March 20, Friday
March 24, Tuesday
March 27, Friday
March 31, Tuesday

Luncheon Details & Schedule

  • Reservations are required and may be made by phone or in person.
  • Reservations open August 1 and February 1
  • Reservations sell out quickly sometimes within the first hour.
  • Payment is due when the reservation is made, by credit card, or check.
  • If payment is not made the reservation will be cancelled.
  • Tickets are $31.95, which includes Florida Sales Tax and a $5 coupon to use in our expanded gift shop, featuring hand-crafted products and unique items selected at gift mart.
  • We offer a vegetarian option but we cannot offer vegan or gluten-free.
  • Lunch is served at noon and shopping begins at 10:30 a.m. Opportunities abound in the Gift Shop, Dining Room, Visitor Orientation Center and the Old Kitchen for unique gifts.
  • Guests may bring a bottle of wine to enjoy with lunch. Wine glasses are provided on request.
Please input your email to be notified when reservations open for the Fall Luncheon Series

March 17

  • *Chicken Piccata
  • Israeli Couscous with Roasted Vegetables
  • Arugula with Fennel, Olives, and Parmesan Roll
  • Dessert: Chocolate Cake with Whipped Cream or Key Lime Pie

March 20

  • *Boursin Breast of Chicken in Filo
  • Rice Pilaf
  • Green Beans with Marinated Sweet Red Peppers
  • Dessert: Charlotte Russe with Raspberry Coulis

March 24

  • *Stuffed Pork Tenderloin (Spinach, Gruyeres, Panko)
  • Orzo Salad Corn Casserole
  • Dessert: Peanut Butter Brownie

March 27

  • *Poached Salmon with Herb Sauce
  • Cucumber Salad
  • Roasted Asparagus
  • Basil Bread
  • Dessert: Strawberry Cake

March 31

  • *Porchetta (Stuffed Pork Tenderloin)
  • Parmesan Herbed Basted Fingerlings
  • Green Bean Salad with Roasted Red Peppers
  • Hawaiian Rolls
  • Dessert: Mascarpone Mousse with Drunken Berries
* Vegetarian substitute available upon request
Fall Luncheon Series

Call the Woman’s Exchange at (904) 829-5064 to learn when reservations begin for each series. And email [email protected] to be added to our blast list for notices of luncheons.

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